spin masterThis year, Spin Master Ltd. is working with Meccano—known as Erector in the U.S.—on Meccanoid G15 KS, a personal robot built with the latest Meccano parts. It is an advanced, yet easy-to-use open source Robotic Building platform, accessible to builders covering a broad range of ages and skill sets. Four feet tall and programmable, the robot is comprised of 550 parts and comes with a companion app, whereby owners can save animations and share them with friends.

Key programming features of the Meccanoid include a new technology entitled Learned Intelligent Movement; Ragdoll Avatar control via an app; and motion capture, which allows anyone to boot up and easily program the robot. The Meccanoid robot uses an on-board Mecca Brain and voice recognition to say thousands of phrases, tell jokes, offer fun facts, play games, initiate conversations, and even remember the user’s name and birthday.

Meccanoid is intended for kids ages 5 to 14 and is expected to launch via a pre-sale online in mid-February. It will be available at all major retailers, as well as hobby and electronic shops, in August.