Spin Master‘s Owleez — the first ever interactive toy pet that kids can teach how to fly — will hit retail on Oct. 4.

As seen in the Toy Insider‘s 2019 Holiday Gift Guide, the baby owl combines multiple play features for a unique experience. With Owleez, kids get a unique pet that features more than 100 interactive sounds and movements, and responds to touch, love and care. Kids can teach the toy to fly by swinging it through the air, and comforting it after a crash.

“The combination of an interactive toy pet that children can actually teach how to fly is truly innovative,” says Kate Keller, VP marketing RC, Spin Master. “It’s extremely satisfying for kids to see the result of the love and care they put into their own Owleez toy pet. They experience the delight and reward knowing it is something that they taught it to do.”

For the launch, Spin Master teamed with YouTube family Tic Tac Toy to create commercials and how-to content. The first spot made its debut on the Spin Master Spark Club YouTube Channel, followed by an unboxing video on the Tic Tac Toy channel released today.

In conducting research for its new toys, Spin Master discovered that 81% of kids surveyed said they wanted a pet that could fly. Additionally, 91% said that they desired the power of flight, when asked what superhero power they’d most desire.