Laura Zebersky, chief commercial officer at Jazwares spoke to the Toy Book about the YouTube-inspired toy trend and how the company integrates fandoms into its product offering.

Jazwares partnered with several YouTube creators for toy lines. Do you expect this trend to continue this year?
There’s a new crop of high-quality kids’ entertainment emerging on the YouTube platform that parents are enjoying alongside their kids in the same way as they have watched popular TV shows and movies together for decades. It’s not just about traditional TV anymore; parents and kids are also now logging on to watch Blippi, Cocomelon, and other kid-friendly programming on YouTube. We just launched our first wave of Blippi toys and have already seen tremendous demand at retail, with a trial run selling out on Amazon within days of launching.

As we start the year, we are continuing to look at breakout YouTube talent as potential partners, and we have plans to bring Cocomelon and CKN toy lines to retailers, in addition to what we are creating with Blippi.

What innovation in your products are you offering to consumers this year?
This year is going to bring a lot of exciting new offerings for consumers. We are constantly analyzing trends within the industry, pop culture, and beyond to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to new product offerings.

Jazwares has pioneered the way toy companies tie digital integrations with physical products. Through codes, new technology, and enhanced experiential design, we are bridging the divide between physical and digital play with new and immersive experiences for consumers. This year, we will continue to innovate in our digital media programs by expanding into companion content and gamified campaigns.

How do you integrate pop culture licenses into your product strategy?
At Jazwares, we pride ourselves on uncovering the latest trends in pop culture and finding new ways for consumers to engage with the fandoms they love. Our collectibles brands, such as Domez, celebrate pop culture like never before seen in the collectibles space. Through Domez [and products like it], we are able to develop collections that will excite fans across the broad spectrum of pop culture, from the most iconic franchises, such as Disney and DC Entertainment, to more niche genres, such as horror and anime.

This State of the Industry Q&A response originally appeared in the February 2020 issue of the Toy Book. Click here to read more!

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