Sunrights Inc., the U.S. subsidiary of d-rights Inc. is rebranding as ADK Emotions NY Inc.

Effective Oct. 1, the company that manages the Beyblade franchise in the U.S. and Europe will assume the new name following a merger between Tokyo-based d-rights and ADK Emotions. The new company plans to focus on original IP creation, overseas development, and new digital ventures. D-rights had been producing a wide range of content, handling everything from project planning to the production of original characters, cartoons, video games, online content, and more.

ADK Emotions NY Inc. will operate under new management, with Shuji “Shawn” Wada assuming the role of president and CEO and Daichi “David” Wakabayashi taking on the chief operating officer position. The company plans to continue growing the Beyblade Burst brand, in addition to adding new properties to its content library.