Super Duper Publications is offering six educational games for kids to play this summer, prompting them to use comparatives, superlatives, plurals, prepositions, and other grammatical structures during their time off from school. These games are also designed for kids who struggle with reading, auditory processing, and language.

SDP_Grammar Chipper Chat_HRKids will need to listen carefully while playing with The Auditory Memory for WH Questions Fun Deck, which includes 56 short stories with the five WH questions for kids to answer when it’s over: who, what, when, where, and why.

The Syntax Safari will begin with the Grammar Chipper Chat. The game uses animal picture cards to teach 16 grammatical structures found on most language assessments. In addition, kids learn the different parts of speech with the Sentence Fill-In Fun Deck, where they fill in a sentence using the clues of an illustration.

SDP_Granny's Candies_HRSay and Glue for Language and Listening is a cut-and-paste game that teaches important language skills such as following directions, retelling stories, and understanding basic concepts; and Granny’s Candies expands vocabulary skills through mix and match cards. Finally, kids can match a sentence with an illustrated card, and vice versa, with the Understanding Sentences Fun Deck.