Super Impulse is expanding its World’s Smallest line with a collection of miniature 1968 model Hot Wheels cars, packaged in a blind box. The cars are available now at Target.

Coinciding with Hot Wheels’ 50th anniversary, each World’s Smallest Hot Wheels Blind Box includes one 1:18 scale diecast car. The car is packaged in a replica of the original 1968 blister card, which doubles as a display case with a keychain. The assortment also includes ultra-rare, black and gold 50th anniversary commemorative editions.

There are 15 cars in the collection, including the Twin Mill in three colors, the Rodger Dodger in three colors, the Bone Shaker in three colors, Purple Passion Series 2, Custom Otto Series 2, Fat Fish Series 2, Night Shifter Series 3, Rip Rod Series 3, and Blitzspeeder Series 3.