Super7 is starting the year with a fresh shipment from Third Earth: The collectibles company officially opened preorders for its second wave of Thundercats Ultimates! figures today.

This wave includes 7-inch figures of the healer Pumyra, Grune the Destroyer, and the scientist warrior Tygra. The fourth figure, the evil Mumm-Ra, towers over the rest at 8 inches. He also comes with his loyal pet, Ma-Mutt. Each figure comes in deluxe packaging and includes a variety of interchangeable parts and accessories.

Pumyra, Grune, and Tygra each cost $45, while the Mumm-Ra/Ma-Mutt combo costs $60. Preorders for these figures will be open until Friday, Jan. 21 at

For a more detailed look at these new figures, check out the video below featuring Super7’s Brian Flynn.

Photos: Super7