Super7 and Toho International Godzilla Collaboration | Source: Source7

The King of the Monsters returns full-force! Super7 and Toho International have partnered to introduce Godzilla to the growing ReAction Figures line.

The 3.75-inch, articulated figure is hitting the shelves this summer, along with a capsule collection full of apparel and accessories. More Godzilla collectibles will be released throughout the year, leading up to the release of a Godzilla Ultimates! action figure line next year.

“It is not a stretch to say that Godzilla may be the most important license to Super7’s history, and one we hold with possibly too much reverence,” says Super7 Founder & Owner, Brian Flynn. “The genesis of Super7 started with Godzilla, and we can’t wait to add that same Super7 love and affection to Godzilla’s future.”

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“Super7 oozes that cool factor in all its products, so we’re thrilled to bring Godzilla into their portfolio of premium products, including the popular ReAction Figures, Ultimates! line and more,” says Lora Cohn, managing director of Toho International Inc. “Beyond quality products, Super7 brings so much meaning to Godzilla, with a team deeply passionate about the brand. We’re excited to offer this all-new line of products based on the King of the Monsters, and we think fans can truly feel the passion and love put into them.”

Super7 will maintain its vintage action figure appeal for Godzilla ReAction while adding new playable dimensions with its unique size and sculpting style. The company’s Ultimates! line is for ultimate fans of the Godzilla franchise. Its made-to-order figures include a diverse assortment of extra features and expressions to bring the King of the Monsters to life.

Keep an eye out for news about the Godzilla ReAction figure and additional Godzilla merch throughout the year.

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