Source: Super7/The Toy Book

Super7‘s collaboration with Hasbro continues to bring iconic characters from the Transformers into new forms.

Following last year’s release of both Optimus Prime and Megatron in Super7’s Super Cyborg collection, the Decepticon Soundwave joins the lineup as an 11-inch action figure with seven points of articulation.

Source: Super7

Touted as “The X-Ray Action Figure,” Super Cyborg figures include removable torso panels to reveals their inner workings. Soundwave comes in his G1 color scheme and includes a shoulder cannon, a concussion blaster, and a removable cassette. The figure is available for preorder from retailers including Entertainment Earth.

Source: Super7

Additionally, Super7 added more Transformers to its growing line of ReAction Figures earlier this month.

Blaster, Blitzwing, Perceptor, and Dirge join the oversized Devastator to comprise the third wave of Transformers ReAction Figures.