Swagtron‘s latest light electric vehicle (LEV) is the Swagskate NG3, a compact electric skateboard built just for kids.

Capable of achieving speeds of up to 9.3 mph based on the rider’s kick, the NG3 is powered by a 100-watt motor and can support riders of up to 150 pounds for up to six miles on a single charge. “Kick to Cruise” technology allows riders to control the experience by kicking off, after which the motor takes over and sensors help to control the ride. The motor disengages once any deceleration or resistance is detected, allowing riders to slow and stop the same as a traditional board.

“Our goal with the NG3 was to create an electric skateboard that offered kids the chance to experience the thrill of riding an e-board, but in a way that was a natural transition from traditional skateboards,” says Swagtron chief marketing officer Jason Wakefield. “And of course, to make it available at a price that parents would approve of.”