Swagtron rolls into spring with two new kick scooters for kids.

While the brand is known for its light electric vehicles (LEV) such as e-bikes, the new scooters are kid powered. The new models are three-wheel scooters designed for kids ages three and up, and toddlers aged two to five, respectively.

The K5 (pictured top) features a three-wheel “tadpole” design, which places two wheels in the front, paired with a pivot-style steering mechanism that allows young riders to intuitively lean and carve turns like a skateboard. It also features four adjustable height settings, a rear heel brake, and LED wheels that light up when in motion.


The K6 transforms, switching between two and three-wheeled versions of both a balance bike and stand-up kick scooter. With the click of a button, the seat of the balance bike rotates to become the deck of a stand-up scooter. Use two rear wheels in either mode for greater stability or swap out for a single wheel. The single wheel features an optional heel brake for use in scooter mode, just like the big kids’ K5 model.


Swagtron recently revealed new LEV offerings at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and launched the K8 Titan — a human-powered kick scooter for adults. The K8 features a lightweight, aluminum folding frame, a wide deck with grip tape, and a rear wheel friction brake.