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Source: Horizon Group USA/the Toy Book

The Toy Book chats with Janet Hsu about her goals as she takes the helm of the company.

Toy Book: What is your overall vision for Horizon Group as CEO?
Janet Hsu: My vision is to infuse technology and invest in further innovation in order to transform the organization into one that is even more adaptive to ever-changing consumer needs; one that helps consumers embrace the complexities of the new world. I will also define a comprehensive roadmap to further establish Horizon Group as the No. 1 DIY, creative crafts, and STEM education powerhouse in
the world.

TB: What attracted you to Horizon Group in particular?
JH: Above all, I see a significant opportunity to continue to expand the company into even more uncharted areas. Horizon Group is the U.S. market leader in the creative DIY, craft, and STEM activity categories, and I strongly believe in the company’s unique ability to help children develop and nurture their creativity through imagination and play.

TB: Where do you see opportunity for the company to grow?
JH: In my new role at Horizon Group, I plan to leverage my diverse experience in global strategic partnerships, mergers and acquisitions, commerce expansion, licensing, and digital integration to chart new category opportunities. It is my goal to unlock the untapped potential of key partnerships and grow [the company’s] international distribution.

TB: What do you want to accomplish in the first few months?
JH: I believe that great leadership begins with listening. I plan to spend my early days getting to know the employees while listening and learning as much as possible about the company and its culture. As Horizon Group’s business continues to increase, the company strives for diversity and inclusivity across all of its products, design, and packaging, and prides itself on diversity in the workplace. One of my main goals is to continue to help drive a culture of inclusion where everyone’s opinions are valued.

Horizon Group products

Source: Horizon Group USA

TB: How do you plan to navigate Horizon Group through this new COVID-19 world?
JH: I plan to lead the organization in developing a core competency that will allow us to react even faster to changes in the marketplace and shifts in consumer demand. Additionally, I would like to increase focus on products that are more heavily content-driven and more tightly integrated with technology.

TB: What trends are you seeing in the DIY and STEM categories? How do you see Horizon Group’s products bringing innovation to these trends?
JH: The underlying gratification that consumers strive for in completing a creative activity or learning through a STEM education kit is truly relevant to the world we live in today. We are all thirsting for a sense of connection with ourselves, our friends, and our families. As Horizon continues to innovate, you’ll see a large focus on providing a platform that will allow consumers to personalize, to create without boundaries, and to connect with their peers through creativity.

TB: What are your favorite new items from Horizon Group for the upcoming holiday season?
JH: I love the Mixy Squish Tabletop Creativity Desk. It comes with a variety of pretextured Mixy Squish colors, sculpting tools, and double-sided molds that allow kids to transform clay into a world of fun.
Story Magic is another favorite of mine. We’ve created a whimsical world that turns storytelling into an imaginative, interactive experience. And, with price points at $24.99 and under, the products are extremely giftable.

This article was originally published in the July/August 2020 edition of the Toy BookClick here to read the full issue!