Communication is a two-way street and Retevis Kids knows all about that as a manufacturer of wireless, two-way communication equipment and accessories for both personal and commercial use. Retevis also makes products for kids, including walkie-talkies in colorful styles and fun shapes, such as mice, owls, robots, and more.

The Toy Book: Can you please give us some background on Retevis Kids?

Weidong Shen: Although it is a walkie-talkie for kids, Retevis Kids uses professional chips and technology. It achieves crystal-clear voice quality and an ideal communication distance just like Retevis’ professional two-way radios for adults. It is a real walkie-talkie among toys. In addition, our factory has BSCI and ICS certifications, and our products have complete European and American certifications to ensure product quality and safety.

TB: What is your distribution strategy?

WS: We are committed to achieving win-win cooperation with toy wholesalers and physical toy stores. We focus on maintaining profit margins, keeping the same suggested retail price on any sales channel, and protecting the rights and interests of distributors. We offer toy stores exclusive presales and custom packaging of our new products. Most importantly, for larger wholesalers,we provide one-to-one, VIP, professional customization services. You only need to submit your idea request, and we have a professional research and development team to help you realize it.

TB: What are some of your best-selling products from the past year?

WS: RT388 and RT628 are still the best-selling Retevis Kids walkie-talkies during the past year because of their durable quality and classic look

TB: Why is there an increased demand for kid-safe walkie-talkies worldwide?

WS: Walkie-talkies are a safe communication tool that kids can use to quickly talk with each other without using the internet. Kids can also use them to play games, go on adventures, and hang out outside. Besides, amateur radio is a hobby and widely loved by people all over the world. Kids’ walkie-talkies encourage communication between kids and their parents. Furthermore, these products that are designed specifically for a younger audience help to foster kids’ interest in amateur radio early on in their childhoods. I believe the global demand will continue to increase.

The RT34 features a live video function. | Source: Retevis Kids

TB: What kind of safety features do the walkie-talkies have?

WS: Retevis Kids’ walkie-talkies are committed to connecting kids and families. Retevis Kids has developed one “safe mode” walkie-talkie, which switches to safe mode with the press of a button. It not only blocks out random people and transmissions on the line for security, but also ensures privacy for calls. I believe it would be the best gift for kids.


TB: How has your brand evolved since it began in 2008?

WS: From retail and distribution to professional VIP customization, our growth and development are inseparable from consumer support and recognition. Retevis Kids is committed to the compliance of our factories and materials to supply better products [for retailers and consumers]. 

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