Target issued a voluntary recall for an assortment of toy vehicles sold in Bullseye’s Playground (formerly the Target Dollar Spot) during the 2018 holiday season.

Approximately 495,000 wooden vehicles — a caboose, Santa in sleigh, ice cream truck/food truck, train, police car, fire truck, taxi, and digger — were sold individually for $1 in stores, or as part of an $8 8-pack online. The wheels on the vehicles can detach, posing a choking hazard for small children.

The item number, DPCI (model number), and UPC are on a white sticker placed on the bottom of each vehicle.

Target Wooden Vehicle Recall

Item numbers included in the recall include:

Name Item# DPCI (Model Number) UPC
Caboose 89304 234-18-0100 765940893043
Santa in Sleigh 89297 234-18-0100 765940892978
Ice Cream Truck/Food Truck 89298 234-18-0100 765940892985
Train 89301 234-18-0100 765940893012
Police Car 89303 234-18-0100 765940893036
Firetruck 89302 234-18-0100 765940893029
Taxi 89300 234-18-0100 765940893005
Digger 89299 234-18-0100 765940892992
Toy Vehicles 8-Pack Assortment NA 234-20-0189 765940893159

The vehicles were manufactured in China by Zhejiang HuangyanXingbo Crafts Factory, and supplied to Target by Horizon Group USA.

Customers should contact Target for a refund.