BasicFun_LogoFollowing the February merger between Tech 4 Kids and The Bridge Direct, and the subsequent acquisition of Uncle Milton, principles of the new company announced that the company’s name will be Basic Fun. The newly formed company is part of an ongoing merger and acquisitions roll-up strategy.

The Basic Fun team focuses on building value in the company by both developing exceptional products and acquiring top talent with the goal of scaling up to become a top 10 supplier in the toy industry.

“Basic Fun is all about delivering a great product with excellent value that our customers want to buy,” says Brad Pedersen, president of Basic Fun. “We excel at providing fun to the families who ultimately buy and play with our products.”

Basic Fun has an extensive history of more than 25 years as a stand-alone novelty toy company, until it was acquired by the Good Stuff Co. in 2008. The Bridge Direct subsequently acquired the Good Stuff Co. in 2013.

Each of the three companies involved in the recent merger and acquisition bring a different expertise to Basic Fun, including retro toys, small dolls, activities, collectibles, construction, lighting, vehicles, science, youth electronics, and outdoor.

Basic Fun experienced growth over the past year, and, with a robust pipeline of new development and potential acquisitions, the company expects to make significant announcements in the months ahead.

“We have a five-year plan to build the next great top 10 toy company through organic growth and strategic acquisitions,” says Jay Foreman, CEO of Basic Fun. “We believe that in this ever-changing and challenging market, scalability is key. We are looking for partners to join us and build an exciting new high-value business model in our industry.”

The company’s head office will be located in Boca Raton, Fla. with regional offices in Hong Kong.