Smart Toys and Games will debut a number of new multiplayer games and playsets at Toy Fair New York through its SmartMax and SmartGames divisions.

SmartMax will showcase two new playsets for kids ages 1-5 following the success of My First Animals. My First Sounds and Senses and My First Vehicles both offer an early step into STEM for toddlers. My First Animals is also expanding with four new single packs: the Green Elephant, Red Horse, Blue Seal, and Gold Bear.

SmartGames will debut a new multiplayer line of games to bring out the competition as well as new puzzles and travel games. Check out their descriptions below.

Multiplayer Games

Froggit | 2-6 Players | Ages 6+
Families use flexible thinking and clever planning to get all their frogs across the pond while blocking their opponents from doing the same.

Cube Duel | 1-2 Players | Ages 10+
Players strategically choose between offensive and defensive moves while balancing pieces on the gameboard. In single-player mode, kids train their 3D building skills with 80 challenges.

Top Spot | 3-5 Players | Ages 8+
In this card game, kids score points and win rounds by combining cards to create value.

Puzzle Games

Jack & the Beanstalk | Ages 4+
As part of the fairytale games series, in Jack & the Beanstalk kids drop puzzle pieces down the beanstalk to try and match an image from one of 48 challenges.

Shooting Stars | Ages 6+
Kids stack blocks on top of each other to recreate the image shown during one of the 80 challenges that range from easy to expert.

Walk the Dog | Ages 7+
Using logic and deduction skills, kids need to keep their pets on a short leash away from obstacles in this game with 60 challenges.

Portable Travel Games

ZigZag Puzzler | Ages 12+
This game comes with a lid so it’s easy to transport anywhere. Kids can use the 3D puzzle to build pyramids or zigzag through challenges.

IQ Arrows | Ages 8+
Kids work through 120 challenges as they rotate pieces around to create arrows.

Smart Toys and Games will be at booth No. 2835 at Toy Fair New York, taking place from Feb. 22-25 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center.

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