Following a European debut at PDXCON in Berlin and SPIEL in Essen, Germany earlier this month, Thames & Kosmos released Cities: Skylines – The Board Game in the U.S.

Cities: Skylines brings to life the best-selling video game from Paradox Interactive as a physical experience in which players must work together to plan, build, and manage a city. Starting with a vacant plot of land, players can develop their own residential, commercial, and industrial areas, to create new neighborhoods and landscapes. Mirroring the zoning challenges of real life, each player has to consider a multitude of factors, including the environment, crime, traffic flow, and access to education and financial resources for the inhabitants of their city. A successful city comes from thoughtful development resulting in a happy population.

“Since its release in 2015, more than six million copies of the video game have sold worldwide and the active monthly user count remains strong today,” says Andrew Quartin, CEO of Thames & Kosmos. “A large portion of the players who have been building the city of their dreams digitally for years also enjoy the analog nature of classic board games. This new edition caters to their inherent enthusiasm for the game and offers up some key variations that will also interest other board game fans. For one, the board game is completely cooperative: everyone has to work together to build a city as successfully as possible.”

Cities: Skylines is available at independent toy and game stores and via Amazon. The game will become available as mass retail next year.