It’s that time of year again! We are now collecting editorial submissions for the Toy Book‘s 2021 February New Toy issue! The deadline is Dec. 18.   

The Toy Book‘s 2021 February New Toy issue will feature coverage of what new toys that retail buyers should be aware of as the industry kicks off the new year. Please submit product info and high-res (300 dpi) images for products that are NEW FOR 2021 ONLY. 

This issue of the Toy Book will be e-blasted to The Toy Association’s list of retail buyers, mailed to our subscribers, and will be available digitally. If you have new products that you’d like to share with the industry, we want to feature them in our magazine!

Due to the large number of submissions we receive, we request that you adhere to the requirements below. For consideration in our 2021 New Toy Coverage, please submit using the following guidelines:

  1. Please send your new, 2021 product descriptions only in a Word document attachment. PDFs and/or PowerPoints will not be considered. List the suggested age, MSRP, and availability (e.g. Spring 2021, Fall 2021) whenever possible. Please group your descriptions by category, and do not send more than five items per category.

    Activity & Construction: Building toys, construction sets, or arts and crafts kits that will keep kids creative.
    Dolls & Plush: Toys that fit in the traditional dolls and plush categories.
    Games & Puzzles: Traditional games and puzzles, including anything from tabletop to card games and the latest puzzles.
    Impulse & Collectibles: Collectible items that usually have multiple series or waves for kids to collect ’em all and other impulse purchases.
    Infant & Preschool: Playsets, baby toys, and brands focused on babies and preschoolers.
    Outdoor & Active: Toys that kids can play with outside or get them moving, such as ride-ons, water toys, and outdoor games.
    Pop Culture: Adult-focused collectibles, action figures, and other licensed products based on pop culture franchises.
    Vehicles & Action Figures: Toys in this category include pull-back cars, R/C, and traditional action figures.
    What’s New: Our miscellaneous section for other items, such as robotics, tech, and entertainment.
  2. Prioritize your submissions in each category, listing your most important items at the top of each category list, and your most important category first. Please only include top-line talking points in the product description. Our space is limited, but we will try to cover as many of your products as possible.
  3. Please include high resolution 300 dpi images with transparent/no background as email attachments. We don’t need an image for every item, but please send one or two images per product category. Please name your images so that it is clear which item it is.
  4. Please do not send PDFs or PowerPoint presentations, and do not embed images within documents. See guidelines 1-3 above.
  5. Send your submission to: to Maddie Michalik by Dec. 18. If you need an extension, please send an email before Dec. 18. 

EMBARGOES: Be assured that ALL EMBARGOED SUBMISSIONS for 2021 New Toy coverage will remain confidential and will not be printed until the Toy Book‘s 2021 February New Toy issue, which will debut on Feb. 22, 2021. The February issue will not be available prior to that date.

If you have any questions, please contact Maddie Michalik.


If you are interested in advertising in the Toy Book, please contact Jackie Breyer or James Devin.