Looks like this is a job for MacGyver! Pressman’s escape room in a box is now available in a MacGyver version, perfect for fans of the TV series that ran from 1985 to 1992 and was rebooted in 2016.

MacGyver: The Escape Room Game brings the challenge of an escape room to consumers’ homes. Under license from CBS Consumer Products, this escape room in a box includes five individual, hour-long missions that will require players to use their mind as the ultimate weapon.

MacGyver’s team must use the interactive website to guide them through the missions, while keeping in contact with their operative at the Phoenix Foundation to track their progress.

Players will need to work together and use the tools at hand to solve puzzles and diffuse bombs, and the missions are inspired by episodes from the original show. Players will work together to escape from an underground laboratory, land an airplane, survive a dangerous factory, flee from a missile silo, and outsmart Murdoc in the grand finale.

The game is designed for one to four players, recommended for ages 12 and up, and is available exclusively at Target.