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Retailers, we hear you loud and clear: Inventory this holiday season might get messy amid the global shipping crisis. Enter: The Get List, the Toy Book‘s curated list of top products for the season that you are able to, well, “get” immediately upon placing an order. The products listed below are currently already in the U.S. and are available to ship right now. Scroll down below for a bite-size, digestible view of what’s available by company, broken down by product categories, brands, and top items.

*This list will be updated multiple times a week throughout the holiday season and is based on information the Toy Book receives from manufacturers. Companies are listed in alphabetical order.

If you are a manufacturer and want to submit your products to The Get List, please reach out to Maddie Michalik.

Adventerra Games North America LLC

Categories Available Now: Environmental Education; Board Games; Puzzles; Educational; STEM Games and Puzzles
Products Available Now:
Polar Adventure: Disappearing Ice
Hungry Bins: Learn to Recycle
Saving Water: Ecologic Puzzle 
Respect the Earth: Ecologic Puzzle
Animals at Risk: Ecologic Memory Game
Contact: Sam Hahn
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Brands Available Now: AirFort
Products Available Now:
Starry Night
Tiki Hut
Farmer’s Barn
Digi Camo
Ocean Camo
Contact: Jason Evans
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All Things Equal Inc.

Categories Available Now: Games
Products Available Now:
Loaded Answers
Happy Endings
Major Woody’s Wild Foursomes 
The My Weird School Game 
Contact: Eric Poses

Artventure LLC

Categories Available Now: Arts & Crafts, Puzzles, Wall Decor, STEAM, Educational, Eco-friendly, Stationery, 3D Models
Brands Available Now: EcoWoodArt

Products Available Now:
Animals Spider Construction Kit
Fun Educational Jigsaw Cube
Small & Fidgets Fidget Twister Mini 
Small & Fidgets Fidget Twister Maxi 
Contact: Edouard Andre-Hessig
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Barry & Jason Games and Entertainment

Categories Available Now: Games
Products Available Now:
Anchorman: The Game
Bill & Ted’s Excellent Historical Trivia Travel Game
Game Night in a Can
Dr. Biscuits’ Radical Road Trip 
Contact: Jason Lautenschleger
Fact Sheet


Categories Available Now: Arts & Crafts, Puzzles, Wooden Playsets, Educational, Games, Toys
Products Available Now: In stock with 99% of the line with held pricing and shipping within 24-48 hours.
Animal Parade
Dinosaur A-Z 
Safari Bowl
Gear Stacker
BathPals Assortment
Contact: Katie Dugan
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Categories Available Now: Outdoor, Educational, Developmental
Brands Available Now:
Products Available Now: 
• Stepping Stones
• Wack-a-tag
• Kidtrix Doorway Swing
• Double Maze Board
• Wheel Walker

Contact: Jaimie Dow

BitOGenius Inc.

Categories Available Now: Arts & Crafts, Educational, Gaming
Brands Available Now: Pixicade

Products Available Now:
Pixicade Mobile Game Maker
Contact: Abril Gallego

Blue Orange Games

Categories Available Now: Board Games, Fidgets, Outdoor, Educational, Puzzle
Products Available Now:
NHL Fastrack
Ring It!
Shaky Manor
Loopy Hoopies
Florian Binet
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Bright Stripes

Categories Available Now: Arts & Crafts

Products Available Now:
• Magic Reveal Pad PDQ Assortment
• Swirly Worlds PDQ Assortment
Customer Service
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Boogie Board

Categories Available Now: Drawing, Educational, Activity, Stationery
Brands Available Now: Boogie Board

Products Available Now:
• Sketch Pals Bugs (Limited: Added 9/15)
• Sketch Studio
• Play N Trace

• Dash
• Magic Sketch: Frozen II and Disney Favorites
• Dashboard
Contact: Amber Osborne
Catalog | Sketch Pals Bugs sell sheet

Boss Fight Studio

Categories Available Now: Action Figures
Brands Available Now: Zorro, Flash Gordon, The Little Prince, Vitruvian HACKS, Bucky O’Hare, Sam & Max, Mighty Steeds
Products Available Now:
Flash Gordon
Sam & Max
Mighty Steeds
Vitruvian HACKS
Contact: Meredith Franks
Boss Fight Studio Shop

Buddy & Barney LLC

Categories Available Now: Arts & Crafts, DIY, Bath Toys, Books, Pre-K items
Products Available Now:
• Scratch & Sniff Fart Book
• Bath Stickers–Silly Faces
• Glow-in-the-Dark Rock Painting Kit
• Match It Puzzle Book (Just added 9/15!)
• Stencil Art Book w/Dabbers and Ink
Contact: Amy Kalgren

Busy Baby LLC

Categories Available Now: Infant
Products Available Now:
Busy Baby Mat
Busy Baby Mini Mat
Busy Baby Teether & Training Spoon
Busy Baby Bottle Bungee
Contact: Beth A. Fynbo

Chooseco (Choose Your Own Adventure)

Categories Available Now: Books
Brands Available Now: Choose Your Own Adventure
Products Available Now:
Best Sellers Floor Display
Dragonlarks Counter Display
Board Book Display
All Classics
All Dragonlarks
Contact: Beth O’Grady


Categories Available Now: Plush, Collectibles
Brands Available Now: Cats vs. Pickles

Products Available Now:
Cats vs. Pickles Corn Hole Game with 6 Exclusive Plushies 
Cats vs. Pickles Sweet Shop Playset with 2 Exclusive Plushies 
• Cats vs. Pickles Huggers: Water-Meow-Lon, Starburst, Big Dill
Contact: Allison Castello

Cog Toy Co. LLC

Categories Available Now: STEM
Brands Available Now: Octacog

Products Available Now:
Octacog Expansion Pack

Contact: Bill Burton
Demo Video

Craftie Fox Inc.

Categories Available Now: Educational, Electronics, Audio
Brands Available Now: Storypod
Products Available Now:
Contact: Daniel Buelhoff

Crated with Love

Categories Available Now: Games
Products Available Now:
Destination: Space Date Night Box
Perfect Harmony Rock and Roll Date Night
Sumer of Love Tie-Kit Date Night
Stranded in Love Jungle Survival Date Night
The Awkward Years 90s-Themed Date Night
Tyler Turk

Crazy Aaron’s Puttyworld

Categories Available Now: Activities, Fidget, Sensory
Products Available Now:
• Mini Ornament 2″ Thinking Putty
Mini Winter Cabin 2″ Thinking Putty
• Jack O’Lantern Full Size 4″ Thinking Putty w/ Glow Charger
Contact: Kyle Cosgrove


Categories Available Now: Educational, STEM, Activities
Brands Available Now: Magna Tiles

Products Available Now:
Dr. Seuss | The Grinch Magna Tiles
Crayola | Doodle Tiles Magna Tiles
Sesame Street | Elmo Magna Tiles
Crayola | Paint On Magna Tiles
The Beatles Collection Magna Tiles 
Contact: Cathy Levatino

Cybele’s Games

Categories Available Now: Games
Products Available Now:
Candy Collections!
Contact: Michele McKenzie
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Categories Available Now: Arts & Crafts, Puzzles, Games, Outdoor, Sand
Products Available Now:
• Hand Disker Duo Robot
• Hand Disker Duo Tiger & Lion
• Hand Disker Duo Panda
• Magnetic Darts Circus Large
• Magnetic Darts Knight Large
Contact: Customer Service


Diamond Comics

Categories Available Now: Action Figures
Brands Available Now: Funko

Products Available Now:
Pop! Marvel Super Heroes: Professor Hulk PX 6″ Deluxe Vinyl Figure
Pop! Deluxe Marvel Heroes King Deadpool on Throne PX Vinyl Figure
Pop! Super Marvel Heroes: Thanos Earth-18138 PX Vinyl Figure
• San Diego Comic-Con 2020 Pop! Comic Moment DC: Red Hood vs. Deathstroke PX Vinyl Figure
Contact: Allison Konialian


Categories Available Now: Educational Toys, Wooden Toys, Arts & Crafts, Puzzles, Stationary, Room Decor
Products Available Now:
• InZeBox Bellissimo Magnetic Dress-Up Tin
• Multi-Activity Kit The World of Dinosaurs
• Puzz’art Elephant Shaped 100 pc Puzzle
• Animambo Musical Carnival Table
• Multi-Activity Kit The Flower Box
Contact: Marena
In-Stock List

Eaglemoss Hero Collector

Categories Available Now: Replica Ships, Figures, Craft Kits
Products Available Now:
Shran-class Federation Light Pilot Escort – Star Trek Online
La Sirena – Star Trek Picard (Universe)
USS Zheng He – Star Trek Picard (Universe)
Romulan Bird-of-Prey – Star Trek Picard (Universe)
Seven of Nine’s Fenris Ranger Ship – Star Trek Picard (Universe)
Mariel Fredericksen
Additional Information


E-Blox Inc.

Categories Available Now: Educational, STEM
Brands Available Now: Circuit Blox, Power Blox, Story Blox

Products Available Now:
Circuit Blox BYO Bubble Machine 
Circuit Blox 120 Project Set
Circuit Blox Burp ‘N Fart Machine
Circuit Blox Mini Kit – BYO Flying Saucer 
Lumen Power Figures – Variety Pack Motion Activated POP Display
Contact: Joe Seymour

Educational Insights

Categories Available Now:Arts & Crafts, Technology, Educational
Products Available Now:
Artie Max
Circuit Explorer (line)
Design & Drill Bolt Buddies (Hometown heroes)
GeoSafari Kidscope
PaperCraft Fashion Parade
Contact: Kelly Goodwin

Enginuity Games

Categories Available Now: Games
Brands Available Now: Spicy Dice, Tylz

Products Available Now:
Spicy Dice, POP of 12 (assortment of 4 dice colors)
• Tylz! Magnetic puzzle travel game, POP of 12
Contact: Andy Daniel
Spicy Dice Demo Video | Sell Sheet


Categories Available Now: Games, Puzzles
Brands Available Now: eeBoo, Piece & Love

Products Available Now:
Sloth in a Hurry Game
Within the Country 48 Pc Puzzle 
Giant Shiny Dinosaur Dominoes
English Cottage 1000 pc Puzzle
Rewilding 500 Pc Round Puzzle
Contact: Alex
Fact Sheet

Endless Games

Categories Available Now: Board Games, Card Games, Puzzles
Products Available Now:

Contact: Brian Turtle

Evergreen (CP) USA Inc

Categories Available Now: Batteries
Brands Available: Evergreen, Vinnic
Products Available Now:

  • AA (4 per card)
  • AAA (4 per card)
  • C (2 per card)
  • D (2 per card)
  • 9 Volt (1 per card)

Contact: Claudia Kuchinski

Fascinations Inc.

Categories Available Now: Craft, Puzzle, Construction
Brands Available Now: Metal Earth

Products Available Now:
• Metal Earth DIY 3D Metal Model Kits: More than 250 SKUs
Contact: Robert Huynh


Fat Brain Toy Co.

Categories Available Now: Toys, Games, Baby & Toddler
Brands Available Now: Fat Brain

Products Available Now:
Ribbon Ninja
Box N Balls 
Door Pong 
Timber Tots Tree House 
Contact: Dan Huter
Fact Sheets


Categories Available Now: Puzzles & Games
Brands Available Now: Galison

Products Available Now:
• 9780735359611 Puzzle 1000 Houseplant Jungle
• Puzzle 500 Wonder & Bloom
• Puzzle 500 Family Cat Zodiac
• Puzzle 500 Ciao from Cinque Terre
• Puzzle 500 Succulent Spectrum

Contact: Paulina Siparsky (Chronicle Books)
Galison Top Titles Available Now | Galison Puzzles

Generation JRK Games

Categories Available Now: Adult Party Games
Products Available Now:
Mom Truths Social Party Game for Moms
Contact: Matt Colleran
Fact Sheet

George & Co. LLC

Categories Available Now: Games
Brands Available Now: LCR Left Center Right

Products Available Now:
BIG LCR Left Center Right ZIP BAG
BIG LCR Left Center Right CLASSIC
The Original LCR Left Center Right Tube
Contact: Jill Neitz

Griddly Games Inc.

Categories Available Now: Science (STEM), Arts & Crafts, Educational, Games
Products Available Now:
Just Add Baking Soda 
Just Add Sugar
Just Add Glue 
Just Add Fruits and Veggies 
Wise Alec Family Trivia Game 
Rachele Renzi

Jem Games LLC

Categories Available Now: Games, Educational
Products Available Now:
Fraction Traction Bullseye
Jorge Moore


Categories Available Now: Outdoor
Brands Available Now: Ice Hoop

Products Available Now:
Ice Hoop
Light-Up Ice Hoop
Al Emanuel

Kroeger Inc.

Categories Available Now: Toys, Games, Puzzles, Educational
Brands Available Now: K’NEX, Lincoln Logs, Identity Games, Clementoni, Tinkertoy

Products Available Now:
• K’NEX 300PC Building Tub
• K’NEX Classic – 325PC Motorized Creations
• K’NEX Lincoln Logs 117PC Classic Meetinghouse Tin
• Identity Games Escape Room Puzzle Adventures
• Clementoni 1500PC London Puzzle
Kyle Volpe
Price List

Galactic Sneeze

Categories Available Now: Games (Adult Games, Family Games, Party Games)
Products Available Now:
Schmovie: The Hilarious Game of Made-Up Movies (family game for ages 8+) 
Spank the Yeti: The Party Game of Questionable Decisions (adult party game for 17+)
Spank the Yeti Geek Expansion Pack
Contact: Sara Farber
Fact Sheets

Geomagworld USA

Categories Available Now: Constructions, Magnetics, Educational, STEM
Brands Available Now: Magicube, Geomag Classic, Mechanics, PRO-L

Products Available Now:
Magicube Full Color Recycled – 24 pcs 
Magicube Shapes Recycled – 32 pcs 
Geomag Supercolor Recycled – 78 pcs
Mechanics Motion Recycled – 96 pcs
PRO-L 110 pcs
Contact: Anthi Ferentinos


Gray Matters Games

Categories Available Now: Games
Products Available Now:
The Root Beer Float Challenge
Office Decathlon

Contact: Joe Barron


Categories Available Now: Blocks, Puzzles, Dolls, Baby, Puppets, Toddler, Outdoor, Sand, Bath, Dollhouse
Brands Available Now: HABA, Hubelino, Spielstabil
Products Available Now:
Town Maze
My Very First Games First Orchard
Snug Up Doll Luisa 
Little Friends Camper
Terra Kids Maxi Glider
Contact: Phil Wrzesinski

Hape International Inc.

Categories Available Now: Infant/Baby, Toddler, Preschool, Wooden Toys, Learning Toys, STEAM/ STEM, Kitchen/Food Play, Railway, Music, Quadrilla (Marble Runs), Pretend Play, Role Play, Dollhouse
Products Available Now:

Contact: Chloe Kershaw
Availability List

Heebie Jeebies LLC

Categories Available Now: Educational
Brands Available Now: Heebie Jeebies, Liquifly

Products Available Now:
Liquifly Deluxe
Ferromagnetic Chemistry Lab (HJ-1310) 
Bubble Ball in Beaker (HJ-2552)
DIY Robot Combo (HJ-0602) 
Space Shuttle Floor Puzzle (HJ-1793)
Contact: Adam Burnett
Sale Products

Horn Entertainment Inc.

Categories Available Now: Games
Products Available Now: 

Crazy Trains: The Game of Loco-Motion!
Contact: Frank Horn


Categories Available Now: Action Figures, Books, STEM, Toys, Educational, Imaginative Play
Products Available Now: No Minimum Order Required
Wisdom Lunch Box 
Box of 24 Courage Action Figures 
Box of 14 Wisdom Action Figures 
Courage Core Power Figure 
Courage Board Book 
Contact: Veenita Bleznak
Order Sheet

iPlay iLearn Inc.

Categories Available Now: Baby, Activities, Vehicles, Sports & Outdoors
Brands Available Now: Bouncy Pals & iPlay, iLearn
Products Available Now:
Bouncy Unicorn
• Bouncy Brown Horse
• Bouncy Whale
• World Map Puzzle
• 10 Piece Baby Rattles
Contact: Jordan Becker


Inklings Baby

Categories Available Now: Plush, Toy and Book Sets, Baby, Toddler
Products Available Now:
Ollie the Oddball Oddbird Soft Plush Toy & Infant Novel Gift Set
Wobby the Wild Eared Wala Soft Plush Toy & Infant Novel Gift Set
Gus the Toothy Tusked Rus Soft Plush Toy & Infant Novel Gift Set
Digby the Yipped Eyed Yak Soft Plush Toy & Infant Novel Gift Set
Contact: Aimee Danchise
Fact Sheet

Insect Lore

Categories Available Now: Educational, STEM, Early Learning, Science, Nature & Outdoor, Seasonal
Products Available Now:
• Butterfly Garden
• Ant Mountain
• Butterfly Garden Homeschool Edition
• Life Cycle Figurines 24 Piece Set
• Buzzerks Ant and Buzzerks Mantis
Contact: Amy Mikahil

Intex Entertainment (dba New Entertainment)

Categories Available Now: Games
Products Available Now:
Name That! Card Game 
King of the Castle 
Pirate’s Plunder 
Premier Brain Master
Premier Chinese Checkers 
Contact: Ken Tinner
Premier Fact Sheet


Jupiter Creations

Categories Available Now: R/C, STEM
Products Available Now:
•Roboshark R/C
• Battle Tanks R/C
• Water Bomber R/C
Curious Mind Microscope STEM
• Curious Mind Biosphere STEM
Contact: Santiago Villamil


Categories Available Now: Arts & Crafts
Products Available Now:
Klutz Maker Lab Rocks, Gems & Geodes
Klutz Jr. My Cat Mermaid & Friends
Friendship Bracelets
• Metallic Glam Nail Studio
Mini Clay World Cute Café
Contact: Brittany Lowe

Laser Pegs, a brand of Never Wrong Toys & Games LLC

Categories Available Now: Construction Toys, Light-Up Bricks
Brands Available Now: Laser Pegs

Products Available Now:
MicroSparks Vehicle Assortment (Blind Bags w/ PDQ)
MicroSparks Creature Assortment (Blind Bags w/ PDQ)
4 in 1 Micro Hawk 
5 in 1 VTOL Sparhawk 
• Hornet & Grasshopper 2-pack
Contact: Ali Osborn

Learning Resources

Categories Available Now: Preschool Toys, Toddler Toys, Educational, STEM, Coding, Imaginative Play
Products Available Now:
Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog
Farmer’s Market Color Sorting Set
Steggy the Fine Motor Dino
Skill Builders! Kindergarten Writing

Contact: Crystal Carter

Lingo Playing Cards

Categories Available Now: Playing Cards
Brands Available Now: Lingo

Products Available Now:
• Lingo Playing Cards in: Spanish, Italian, French, Japanese, German, Greek, Swedish, Russian, and Mandarin
Contact: Keaton White
Line Sheet

Little Likes Kids

Categories Available Now: Puzzles, Games, Santa-Themed Products
Products Available Now:
• Splash Park Puzzle 48 Pieces
• Santa’s Helpers Puzzle 48 Pieces
• Children’s Advent Sticker Calendar w/Light-skinned Santa
• Children’s Advent Sticker Calendar w/Black-Brown Santa
• Camping Outdoors Memory Game
Contact: Jackie Ogidan
Price Sheet


Little Medical School

Categories Available Now: Plush, Educational
Products Available Now:
Pediatrician Activity Set
Great Sibling Activity Set
Veterinarian Dog Activity Set
Real Working Stethoscopes Pink, Blue, and Red
Sports Surgeon Activity Set
Contact: Casey Jacobs
Catalog | Price List

Little Rebels

Categories Available Now: Plush, Dolls
Products Available Now:
Amelia Earhart plush doll
Marie Curie plush doll
Mary Jackson plush doll
Contact: Marjorie Spitalnik


LolliWolliWorld Infant Products

Categories Available Now: Plush, Educational
Products Available Now:
• Lolli Interactive Chatter Pal
• Wolli Interactive Chatter Pal
• Lolli Fruit Paper Plates/8 Ct
• Wolli Vegetable Paper Plates/8-Ct
• Fruityland Kidz Cuddle Buddies Plush Collection
Contact: Marsha Dickerson

Lucky Luna LLC dba Tinker and Muse

Categories Available Now: Dress Up, Makeup, Hair Care, Nail Polish, Glitter
Brands Available Now: Klee Naturals, Easy A
Products Available Now: 

• Garden Fairy
• Lollipop Star
• Merry & Bright
• Love & Joy
• Queen Fairy
Contact: Melissa Howland


Madame Alexander Doll Co.

Categories Available Now: Dolls, Imaginative Play
Products Available Now:
Kindness Club 14″ Dolls
14-inch Babble Baby Bear
14-inch Babble Baby Stripe
14-inch Babble Baby Pink
12-inch Splash & Play Mermaid
Contact: Kim Raimondo
Kindness Club Dolls Fact Sheet | Babble Baby Fact Sheet


Categories Available Now: Reading, Educational, Gift
Brands Available Now: Mark-My-Time

Products Available Now:
Ecological Assortment (includes migration, penguins, and orcas)
3D Neon Bookmark Assortment (includes dinosaur, shark, and wolf) 
3D Bright Bookmark Assortment (includes owl, unicorn, and tiger)
3D Emoji Assortment (includes snap filter, emoji spiral, and rainbow poop) 
Star Wars Mandalorian Bookmark
Contact: Maureen Farinella
Product List


Marky Sparky Toys

Categories Available Now: Outdoor, Games
Products Available Now:
• Blast Pad
• Faux Bow
• Doinkit Darts
Mark Rappaport


Categories Available Now: Arts & Crafts, Construction
Brands Available Now: Marmals

Products Available Now:
Original Marmals
Marmal Beanie Hat
Marmal Visions – Sticker Wraps
Contact: Jeff Lawber

Mindscope Products

Categories Available Now: Arts & Crafts, R/C, Track Toys, Holiday Decor
Brands Available Now: Jabberin’ Jack, Turbo Twisters, Mindscope
Products Available Now:
Turbo Twister Crashnetix
Jabberin’ Jack
HoverQuad Blue
Glow Pad in Pink, Blue, Back, or Purple 
Twister Tracks Mega Set
Contact: Oscar

Miniland Educational Corp.

Categories Available Now: Educational
Products Available Now:
Baby Girl Doll with Down Syndrome and Glasses
Sensorial Reef
Towering Beads
Emotions Buddy
Contact: Andrea Adarve

Mookie USA

Categories Available Now: Outdoor, Ride-Ons
Products Available Now:
Contact: Andrew Kamondy
Line Sheet


Categories Available Now: Puzzles & Games
Products Available Now:
• Puzzle 500 Family Doodle Dogs
• Puzzle 70 Geography Map of USA
• Puzzle 1000 Family United States
• Puzzle 1000 Family Ocean Life
• Game Board Mix-the-Mutts!

Contact: Paulina Siparksy (Chronicle Books)
Top Titles Available Now

Nimo Play

Categories Available Now: Collapsible Playhouses
Products Available Now:
• Blue Igloo
• Violet House
• Ice Cream House
• Spaceship
Contact: Jose Delgado

OjO Games

Categories Available Now: Games, Science
Products Available Now:
Atomic Force Game 
Shape Factory Game 
Story Creations Game 
Movie Director Game 
Contact: Jeanie Crone

Plus Up LLC

Categories Available Now: Educational
Products Available Now:
Contact: Adam Ashley
Fact Sheet

Popular Playthings

Categories Available Now: Construction, Creative Play, Educational, Toddler
Products Available Now:
• Mix or Match Vehicles
• Mix or Match Vehicles Jr.
• Build-A-Truck / Plane Sets
• Mix or Match Animals
• Playstix Sets – 12 sets
Kent Brings

Norman @ Friends LLC

Categories Available Now: Plush 
Brands Available Now: It’s Me Norman
Products Available Now:
It’s Me Norman
Contact: Bob Mackey

Ningbo DAC Arts & Crafts

Categories Available Now: Plush Toys, Backpacks, Children’s Mittens, Scarves, and Hats
Brands Available Now: Pal-Arounds, BearHands & Buddies
Products Available Now:
Backpacks and Pillows
Contact: Larry Epstein

OWI Inc.

Categories Available Now: Construction, Educational, Electronic, Model Building, Science, Robotics, Eco-Friendly
Brands Available Now: OWI, RobotiKits

Products Available Now:
Robotic Arm Edge
Robotic Arm Edge – Wireless
Ozkar Vacuum Robot
CyberCrawler Robot
Contact: Craig Morioka
OWI Wholesale


Categories Available Now: Educational, Baby, Wooden Toys, Sustainably Made, Bath, Outdoor, Dollhouses, Pretend Play
Products Available Now:
Slide N Go Dollhouse
Contemporary Dollhouse
Green Dollhouse with Furniture
Push & Pull Puppy
Baby Walker
Rudy Valenta
Inventory List


Categories Available Now: Games, Dress Up, Licensed Characters, Vehicles
Brands Available Now: PlayMonster, Face Paintoos, My Singing Monsters, Automoblox

Relative Insanity See What I Mean
Chronobomb Night Vision
• Face Paintoos: Pet Pack, Party Pack, and Wild Pack
• My Singing Monsters: Assortment and Babies Assortment
• Automoblox Mini and Micro Vehicles
Contact: PlayMonster Sales Department

Playview Brands

Categories Available Now: Puzzles, Outdoor
Brands Available Now: KI Puzzles, NERF Bunkr

Products Available Now:
• Nerf Bunkr Competition Pack
• Nerf Bunkr Take Cover A
• Nerf Bunkr Take Cover B
• By the Sea 1000PC Assorted Puzzles
• Postcard Collection 1000PC Assorted Puzzles
Deena Cates
Nerf Bunkr Fact Sheet | KI Puzzles Fact Sheets

Plus Plus USA

Categories Available Now: Construction, STEM
Products Available Now:
Open Play Tube – 240 pc Basic Mix 
Mini Maker Tube – 70 pc Unicorn
Learn to Build – Basic Mix
Learn to Build – Glow
BIG Learn to Build – Basic
Contact: Chad Sage



Categories Available Now: First Toys, Marble Runs, Educational, Pegs, Crafts
Products Available Now:
• PegBrite
• Saxoflute
• Migoga Ocean Marble Run
• Spiral Tower
• Play Bio Fantacolor Design
Contact: Tracy Gavin
In-Stock List

R&R Games Inc.

Categories Available Now: Games
Products Available Now:
Monkey in the Middle
Cave Paintings
Bite Your Tongue
Pass the Pot
Contact: Dan DiLorenzo

Real Planet/Underwraps Costumes

Categories Available Now: Plush, Dress Up
Products Available Now:
• Halloween Costumes
• Dress Up Items
• Plush Dinosaurs
• Plush Sealife
• Plush Animals
Irene Shaffa

Roo Games

Categories Available Now: Family Games, Preschool Games, Educational Games
Products Available Now:
AS81019 Kloak
PM15 Feed Fuzzy
AS81012 Happy Snappy Apples
PM20L Bull’s Eye
QG01 Quick Chess

Contact: Angie Jordan

Roylco Inc.

Categories Available Now: Sensory, Building & Construction, At-Home Craft Kits
Products Available Now:
Tubes and Connectors
Interactive Edgar An Emotion Puppet Kit
Sensory Create and Play Beads
Lock Blox 32-piece Set
2+ Toddler Art Kit
Contact: Maryellen Dupont
Fact Sheet


Rubik’s Distribution

Categories Available Now: Puzzles
Brands Available Now: Rubik’s

Products Available Now:
• Rainbow Ball
• Keychain Twist
• Magic Star
• Infinity Cube
• Tower Twister
Contact: Haim Dweck
Additional Information

SchKIDules LLC

Categories Available Now: Educational
Products Available Now: 

Home Bundle
Home Collection 
Deluxe Bundle 
Deluxe Collection 
Contact: Kelly Robinson

SD Toyz

Categories Available Now: Arts & Crafts, Vehicles
Brands Available Now: Eyewitness, Smithsonian, Perfect Craft, Knuckle-Headz
Products Available Now: 

• Knuckle-Headz: Pull-Back and Remote Control
• All Eyewitness Kits
• All Perfect Craft Kits
• All Smithsonian Craft Kits
Contact: Steve Koehl
Price List

Silver Circle Products

Categories Available Now: Science and Nature, Arts & Crafts, Seasonal Gift
Brands Available: Unique Gardener, Toys by Nature
Products Available Now:

• Fred the Ferocious Flytrap
• Miracle Snow
• Carnivorous Creatures Biosphere
• Dragons Den Mini World
• Fanciful Fairy Garden Biosphere
Contact: SCP Support
Fact Sheets


Categories Available Now: Children’s Furniture, Activity Products, Outdoor
Products Available Now:
• Toddler Tower
• Carry and Go Train and Track Table
• Wobble Disk
• Rock and Roll Teeter Totter
• Adventure Climber
Contact: Brian McDonald
Fact Sheets



Categories Available Now: Games
Products Available Now:
Mind The Gap
Ma’s Deep Shinola
Manic Minute
Trapped Assortment Pack
Dirty Santa
Contact: Steve Starobinsky
Fact Sheets: Mind the Gap | Ma’s Deep Shinola | Manic Minute | Trapped | Christmas Gift Exchange Ideas


Categories Available Now: Plush
Products Available Now:
New! Toast II 
Mini Comfort Food Avocado
Mini Squishable Corgi
Mini Squishable Orca 
Squishable Baby Unicorn 
Contact: Kim Ryon
Current Stock Status | In-Stock List

Starlux Games

Categories Available Now: Active Games
Products Available Now:
Capture the Flag Redux
Glow Battle Ninja
Pool Party
Dive Diamonds
Vikings of the Northern Lights
Contact: Becky Skinner
Catalog | Order Form

Surfer Dudes (TOYosity LLC)

Categories Available Now: Outdoor
Brands Available Now: Surfer Dudes

Products Available Now:
Surfer Dudes Classics
Surfer Dudes Legends & Surfer Pets, Series 2

Contact: Jordan Reardon
Fact Sheet

Tactic USA

Categories Available Now: Games, Outdoor
Products Available Now:
Molkky Outdoor Game
iKNOW Trivia Game
Metal Brainteasers
We Detectives Game
Jigsaw Puzzles
Contact: Ken Tinner
Catalog | Molkky Fact Sheet


Tara Toy

Brands Available Now: Hot Wheels
Products Available Now:
• Hot Wheels 30-Car Carrying Case
Contact: Joel Berger

Texas Toy Distribution

Categories Available Now: Building Bricks, Plush, Puzzles, Dinosaur
Products Available Now:
Dinosaur Bricks
Sluban Royal Carriage Brick Kit (137 pcs)
Drop ‘n Hop Old Time Poppers Display Box, Only Available as Display x48 
Mechanic Crocodile 
12-piece NASA Wood Puzzles 
Contact: Ryan Schulman

The Good Game Co.

Categories Available Now: Games
Products Available Now:
Not It! Castle Land
Fuzzy Logic
Idiom Addict
Chunky Monkey Business
Contact: Dave Yearick
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The Learning Journey International

Categories Available Now: Educational
Products Available Now:
• My First Big Floor Puzzle -Nosy Narwhal (Just added 9/15!)
Puzzle Doubles! Glow In The Dark Sea Life (Just added 9/15!)
My First Memory Game – Ocean (Just added 9/15!)
Early Learning Shapes Sub (Just added 9/15!)
My First Big Floor Puzzle – Mermaid (Just added 9/15!)

Contact: Scott McCabe
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The Pencil Grip

Categories Available Now: Arts & Crafts, Educational, School Supplies, Office Supplies
Brands Available Now: Kwik Stix, Wonder Stix, Magic Stix, Hair Stix, Face Stix, The Pencil Grip, The Classics

Products Available Now:
Kwik Stix 12 Classic Colors
Kwik Stix 10 Jewel Colors
Magic Stix 24 Colors
Kwik Stix Art Set, 30 Colors
Black Board Playmat Kit with Wonder Stix (4 pc set) 
Contact: Karen Ehrenberg
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Categories Available Now: Playsets, Licensed Playsets
Brands Available Now: Star Trek, DreamWorks Dragons, VW, Dino Rise, and more.

Products Available Now:
Star Trek – U.S.S. Enterprise NCC 1701
Dino Rise Assortment 
Volkswagen Beetle
Princess Castle Assortment
Stunt Show Bull Monster Truck

Contact: Jim Lee
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Categories Available Now: Pop Art, Blind Box Toys, Designer Collectibles
Products Available Now:
Mermicorno Series 6
Cactus Pups Series 2
All Star Champs
tokidoki x Gudetama Series 1
Unicorno After Dark Series 1
Contact: Stacey Bradshaw
Mermicorno Series 6 Fact Sheet | About tokidoki

Top Trumps USA

Categories Available Now: Puzzles, Playing Cards, Quiz Games, Educational
Brands Available Now: Top Trumps, Quiz, Match, Waddington #1 Playing Cards, Puzzles

Products Available Now:
Quiz – Disney 
Match – Disney Princess 
Harry Potter Hogwarts 1000 piece Puzzle 
WM01041-ML1-6 Friends Banquet 1000 piece Puzzle 
Waddingtons #1 Gold Waterproof Playing Cards
Contact: Robert Slye


Categories Available Now: Impulse, STEAM, Games & Puzzles, Active play, Gift
Products Available Now:
• Jalapeno Popper
• Grow Panda
• Batter Up!
• Mini Toss & Catch
• Pizza Toss

Contact: Dawn Till


Trend Enterprises Inc.

Categories Available Now: Games
Products Available Now:
Gone Fish’n
Watch Out!
On Track
Paul Weibel

Unit Bricks

Categories Available Now: Construction
Products Available Now:
• Mini Unit Beams Bridges

• Mini Unit Beams Cranes
• Mini Unit Beams Truss Bridge
• Mini Unit Beams Cable Star Bridge
Contact: Keiko Webb

Ultra PRO Entertainment

Categories Available Now: Games, Educational
Brands Available Now: Ultra PRO Entertainment, Playroom
Products Available Now: 

Burger Academy
Speedy Doc
Cosmic Cows
Contact: Dan Rowen
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University Games

Categories Available Now: Games, Puzzles, Activities, Educational, Outdoor
Brands Available Now: University Games, Briarpatch, Scholastic, Eric Carle, DogMan, BePuzzled, 3D Crystal Puzzles, Front Porch Classics, Great Explorations

Products Available Now:
Rubik’s Race Game
Dog Man Hot Dog Card Game Tin
Stupid Deaths Board Game
Judge Your Friends Party Game
Smart A** Board Game 
Contact: Kaitlin Incze

Waman Books Publishing LLC

Categories Available Now: Educational, Picture Books
Brands Available Now: The Rambee Boo Series

Products Available Now:
The Rambee Boo Series – Collection 1 (books 1-6)
Rambee Boo Practice’s Healthy Habits Too! Coloring/Activity Book
Comfort Sock
Contact: Reena Pagnoni
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Waterline Toys

Categories Available Now: Outdoor
Brands Available Now: SkimBe, Skim to the Pin

Products Available Now:
• SkimBe – Blue, Orange, Pink, Light Blue, Green
• Skim to the Pin -Blue/Orange
Contact: Sheri Morgan
SkimBe Fact Sheet | Skim to the Pin Fact Sheet | Demo Video

Wise Elk

Categories Available Now: Activities
Brands Available Now: Wise Elk, Artwille, Yummy Joy

Products Available Now:
• Artwille Paint by Number Sets
• Artwille Paint by Outline Sets
• Wise Elk Building Bricks
• Cubika Wooden Toys
Contact: Kostiantyn

World of Inovations

Categories Available Now: Outdoor/Active
Brands Available Now: Dual Blaster
Products Available Now:
• Dual Blaster
• Dual Blaster 2-Pack
• Dual Blaster Extra Rounds
Contact: Bander Bin Khlaif

Wrebbit Puzzles Inc.

Categories Available Now: 3D Jigsaw Puzzles
Brands Available Now: Wrebbit 3D
Products Available Now:
Diagon Alley Wrebbit 3D Jigsaw Puzzle (W3D-1010)
Hogwarts Astronomy Tower Wrebbit 3D Jigsaw Puzzle (W3D-2015)
Friends Central Perk Wrebbit 3D Jigsaw Puzzle (W3D-1015)
Titanic Wrebbit 3D Jigsaw Puzzle (W3D-1014)
Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Wrebbit 3D Jigsaw Puzzle W3D-0513)
Contact: Claude Alary

Yellow Scope

Categories Available Now: Educational/Science Kits
Products Available Now:
Foundation Chemistry: Beakers & Bubbles
Acids, Bases & pH: Cabbage Chemistry
Paper Chromatography: The Art & Science of Color
DNA & Traits: From Codes to Creatures
The BUDDY version of each kit listed above. Buddy kits come with an extra lab notebook, golf pencil, science pin, and an extra pair of safety goggles so two kids can share one science kit. 
Contact: Marcie Colledge