Source: The Insights People

The Insights Family and Starlight have entered into a new partnership that will benefit kids in the UK that are dealing with serious illness.

Data provided by The Insights Family enabled Starlight — a charitable organization that focuses on improving play experiences for kids in hospitals — to better understand consumption patterns, behaviors, and attitudes when it comes to kids and technology. Powered by Insights Family data, Starlight was able to craft new strategies to help kids based on different age ranges.

“The Insights Family®data helped support Starlight by illustrating the importance of new technology and digital trends,” says Cathy Gilman, CEO, Starlight. “We have provided gaming consoles and DVD players for children, and we are now trialing VR and have recently launched a new partnership with Tonies, to entertain children through interactive stories.”

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In support of the new partnership, Nick Richardson, Founder & CEO, The Insights Family has launched a “CEO Challenge” — a fundraising effort that will raise money for children’s hospitals in the UK.

“Our purpose is to provide children, parents, and families with a voice to shape their world and this partnership with Starlight helps us deliver that, Richardson says. “We are delighted to start working with Starlight and already have an exciting campaign of fundraising events lined up throughout the year, starting with my CEO challenge.”

Richardson’s CEO Challenge will find the 6.5-foot executive dressed as Sesame Street’s Big Bird as he walks more than 10 miles between hospitals in Manchester, England.

Those interested in supporting his efforts can do so via Just Giving.