A pink ball of fluff is about to make its debut in the Americas.

Under the revived itsy bitsy Entertainment Co. banner, Kenn Viselman (Teletubbies, Thomas the Tank Engine, Noddy, Eloise) and Brooklyn Weaver (Extant, Reverie, Run All Night) are bringing Moonzy to the Americas. Moonzy has 9 billion views on YouTube, and the children’s series already airs throughout parts of Europe and in China on CCTV Kids.

Moonzy is making its debut in North and South America in partnership with Viselman’s itsy bitsy Entertainment, Weaver, Claus Tomming, INK Media, Melnitsa Animation Studio, producers Sergei Selyanov and Alexander Boyarskiy, and Art Director Konstantin Bronzit. The deal, negotiated by Anne Jordan of the Jordan Group, includes all rights for broadcast, merchandising, and promotions in the Americas. The broadcast partner will be announced soon.

The first season will air with 108 5-minute episodes and three holiday-themed mini-movies. A second season featuring a 3D animated version of Moonzy is already in production.

“I have been blessed to work, in many capacities, with the most original and exciting children’s properties and creators of all time, and yet I have never seen a response like this before,” Viselman says. “Moonzy is truly a phenomenon. At his core, he is simply filled with love and laughter, and that is something the entire world is clamoring for right now. I believe Moonzy is positioned to be the biggest furry friend of my career.”

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Maddie Michalik

Maddie Michalik

Maddie Michalik was the Editor-in-Chief of The Toy Book from 2020-2022. She was also a Senior Editor at The Toy Insider and The Pop Insider.