March is National Reading Month and The Juno Company wants you to celebrate. The Juno Company, a children’s digital new media company specializing in the creation of innovative music education products including movies, apps and games, toys, and books, launched the “Do It Yourself ABC (Face)Book Contest” where you can practice your rhymes and win daily prizes.

Getting involved in the contest is easy. Visit The Juno Company’s Facebook page, become a fan, and each day Juno will let you know that day’s designated letter of the alphabet. Once the letter is announced that’s your cue to post a music-related rhyme dedicated to someone special using the letter in as many creative ways as possible. Juno will pick a winner every day and prizes include Juno products, gift cards, and more.

The Juno Company, founded by mom and composer, Belinda Takahashi, Ph.D., is best known for its Emmy Award-winning Juno Baby line and its newly launched Juno Jr. line of products, which both feature original music composed and performed by live orchestral musicians and a cast of puppets that interact with children through creative and educational storylines. The characters play in the musical world of Harmonia Springs where trees are made of cellos, cars are shaped like bass clefs, and lamp posts like French horns, and the train that takes them on their journey is made up entirely of musical instruments. Through their journeys, the characters learn new musical concepts as they sing to the original, orchestral music.

Check out Juno’s Facebook page ( and enter to win a new prize every day. The contest ends April 6, 2011.

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