Source: The Last Gameboard

The Last Gameboard has raised $4.8 million to create the world’s first tabletop gaming platform of its kind. Its seed financing round was led by TheVentureCity and raised $4 million. SOSV, Riot Games, Conscience VC, Corner3 VC, and more also participated.

Since launching in January of 2019, The Last Gameboard has been dedicated to creating a purpose-built, portable product for tabletop and role-playing game fans. The 16-inch by 16-inch design takes game night into a new dimension with 3D touch technology. It will pair with a companion app for iOS, Android, and browsers, and will feature interaction with physical objects, such as game pieces, cards, and meeples.

Launching later this year, Gameboard offers individual game ownership and unlimited access subscriptions. The Last Gameboard continues to partner with digital and tabletop game developers, including Asmodee Digital, Dire Wolf Digital, Nomad Games, Steve Jackson Games, and more.

“Last Gameboard’s platform taps into what has made tabletop games such a lasting part of our culture,” said Garrett Winther, partner at SOSV. In addition to being compatible with traditional board, card, and dice games, it also can support role-playing games, paper and pencil games, and strategy games.

Gameboards will first launch for the premium tier of backers in July, with wider distribution to follow. Learn more on the company’s website.