LEGO’s new NYC flagship store, featuring the Brick Lab. | Source: The Lego Group

LEGO built up its LEGO bricks to create a new brick-and-mortar location!

The LEGO Group shared a sneak peek of its flagship store opening in New York City tomorrow. The two-story store will be located on Fifth Avenue and is the first LEGO store to feature the company’s new retail format.

Aiming to create an immersive LEGO experience, this new flagship store blends unique digital and physical experiences. The updated retail format reflects LEGO’s strategy to update its stores as shoppers look for more personalized and interactive retail offerings.

“While our existing store format has been very successful, we are evolving it to strengthen brand love and create memorable experiences people will talk about long after they leave,” Chief Commercial Officer Colette Burke. “We want people to walk into our stores and feel immersed in a world of LEGO bricks.”

The Tree of Discovery at LEGO’s new flagship NYC store. | Source: the LEGO Group

The New York flagship store will feature several new experiences where customers can get hands-on with LEGOs. The Brick Lab immerses shoppers in a virtual LEGO world where they can use technology to bring walls, floors, and ceilings to life with light, sound, and music. The Tree of Discovery is the centerpiece of the store and lets visitors explore its rainbow trunk by looking for hidden details and mini-scenes. An Interactive Story Table is designed for adult fans and shares the process of making each LEGO set, including early prototypes and product designs.

LEGO’s larger-than-life models of iconic NYC landmarks | Source: the LEGO Group

It doesn’t stop there! The new store also includes the Personalization Studio that puts kids in LEGO form, as either a portrait from the Mosaic Maker or a mini-figure from the LEGO Minifigure Factory. Similarly, LEGO Expression lets kids have fun with LEGO mini-figures that mimic their facial expressions. Lastly, the larger-than-life builds celebrate the local culture and landmarks. The Fifth Avenue store will include an iconic NYC taxi cab, the lights, and billboards of Broadway and Times Square, the Ghostbuster crew, and a variety of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes.

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The new NYC LEGO flagship store opens at 11 a.m. on June 25.