The Netherlands to Attempt Highest LEGO Tower Record in June

On June 3, the people of Limmen, a small town in The Netherlands, will attempt to break the record for the world’s highest LEGO tower. The attempt will take four days and require more than one million LEGO bricks. Currently, the record for highest LEGO tower constructed––set in Oslo, Norway––is 30.22 meters, or approximately 99.15 feet.

The event will kick off the morning of June 3 when Sir Kim Rosner Pederson, the mayor of Castricum (the municipality for Limmen) and the primary secretary of the Danish Embassy in The Netherlands, places the first brick of the tower. A secret artist will close the event on June 6, potentially celebrating a new world record.

Past cities to hold the record for “Highest LEGO Tower of the World” include Toronto, Hong Kong, Moscow, Sydney, Seoul, London, Tokyo, Munich, and Oslo.

Limmen Ludiek, the organization behind the event, has also broken the record for biggest cocktail of the BeNeLux region (in 2001, with over 2,000 litres of liquid), and the biggest pyramid of the world (in 2005, with 63,365 beer crates).

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