spin masterThe Strong and Spin Master are collaborating on a collection of archival materials related to the history of Spin Master. The Strong will be the sole repository for Spin Master’s collections, including toys and other artifacts of play produced by the company over time. The two organizations will also explore creating interactive exhibit experiences based around one or more of Spin Master’s products or brands.

The archival collection will include design documents, promotional materials, concept art, and business records that tell the story of Spin Master from the founders’ first business venture in 1993, up to last year. The collection will include product samples, prototypes, and unreleased products. The Strong intends to make these one-of-a-kind materials available to researchers and scholars, and they will sit alongside other company collections such as the Fisher-Price Collection, the Louis Marx Collection, and the Atari Coin-Op Division Collection.

Some materials will also be available to guests through display or exhibition at times to be established later. The Strong and Spin Master also plan to explore the feasibility of creating one or more interactive, educational experiences or exhibits related to invention and innovation, particularly as they relate to the history and creative processes of Spin Master.