Feb4.ILWUThe Toy Industry Association is continuing to work with industry stakeholders, port directors, and U.S. and international government officials on solutions to the ongoing congestion issues at the West Coast ports of Los Angeles, Long Beach, Tacoma, and Seattle.

The International Longshore Warehouse Union and Pacific Maritime Association have been in contract talks since last May. The parties reached a tentative deal on a key issue regarding cargo chassis maintenance, but momentum for the negotiations is rumored to have stalled. Vessels and containers continue to back up at the ports, and the Port of LA has reported 20 vessels at anchor in San Pedro Bay today. An ILWU stop work meeting in Southern California is scheduled to close down all terminals today.

TIA and other trade associations recently met with White House personnel from the Department of Labor, Department of Commerce, National Economic Council, Department of Transportation, and Domestic Policy Council, to discuss the White House’s involvement in clearing the congestion at the ports. TIA has previously met with White House officials late last year to encourage the use of a federal mediator to help pick up the pace of the talks. Federal mediators were brought into the discussion soon after.