The Toy Industry Association (TIA) has developed two member-only resource documents that will assist its members in understanding and complying with annual reporting requirements under The Washington State Children’s Safe Products Act (CSPA) of 2008 and the regulations issued under its authority. The legislation and regulations require companies selling children’s products sold in the State to report the presence of any of 66 suspected “chemicals of high concern” (CHCC) that may be found in their products, whether through the intended inclusion for a functional purpose or as a contaminant that appears as a result of an impurity, byproduct, residual intermediate, or degradation product.

As previously reported, rollout of the requirements will continue through 2018. The first implementation deadline will be Friday, August 31, for any company with aggregate gross sales of more than $1 billion dollars inside and outside of Washington State and children’s products containing a CHCC that is intended to be placed in a child’s mouth, applied to a child’s body, or mouthable and intended for children ages 3 and under.

The following TIA resource documents (ID and password required for access) supplement guidance materials developed by the Washington State Department of Ecology:

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