by Laurie Chartorynsky, The Toy Association

Looking to learn more about how to compete in the U.S. toys collectibles market? The Toy Association reached out to The NPD Group to conduct in-depth research that will help companies take a deep dive into the popular toy category.  

“Kids love toys in blind bags, regular and rare mini-figures, or those playthings with an unboxing component, especially as toymakers continue to offer fresh and unique collectibles that appeal to all ages and interests,” said Anne McConnell, The Toy Association’s senior director of market research and data strategy. “This big trend has reverberated across toy categories. Our comprehensive report, conducted by NPD, will help companies learn more about this sub-segment of toys and who is buying them.”

Titled “The U.S. Toy Collector,” the report profiles toy collectors of all ages across multiple toy categories including action figures, mini-figures and figurines; dolls and accessories; plush; sticker and cards; toy vehicles; and other toys.

The report also highlights detailed information on the size and value of their collections; motivations for collecting; shopping habits and retailer preferences; cross category collecting; and segments collectors by unifying characteristics.

The report is available to member companies exclusively and can be found in the Research & Data section of the Association’s website. The Toy Association recently held a webinar that shared key findings in the report, and members can also access a recording of the webinar online.

Contact Anne McConnell with questions about this report. For information on becoming a member contact Bernadette Boyle, senior membership manager.