As part of the Chicago Toy & Game Week, industry leaders from 18 countries gathered at the Chicago Field Museum of Natural History for the 5th Annual Toy and Game Inventors Awards, known as “The TAGIEs,” to honor the creators of some of the world’s best known playthings.

Nearly 400 industry movers-and-shakers gathered for the event, at which famed inventor Bruce Lund gave a keynote address after being introduced by a full-sized marching band. Kevin Harrington, chairman of As Seen On TV, Inc., and “Shark Investor” on the show Shark Tank was also in attendance to present the Young Inventor of the Year Award. 

Based on public voting, awards were presented to:

  • Tony Morley for Excellence in Toy Design
  • Leslie Scott for Excellence in Game Design
  • Martin Nedergaard Andersen as a Rising Star Inventor
  • Seth and Alexia Kempe as Young Inventors of the Year for their creation of HoodiePet
  • The Apptivity Hot Wheels team from Mattel for Excellence in Electronic Toy or Game Design

A closed jury of industry-based judges also voted for additional awards:

  • Excellence in Character Design was awarded to Nickelodeon’s Dora the Explorer.
  • The Hassenfeld Family Humanitarian Award was awarded to Peter and Andrew Brown.
  • Lifetime Achievement Award was awarded to the Theo Coster Family.
  • Inventor Advocacy was awarded to Mel Taft.
  • In Memoriam was awarded to Stan Clutton.