LOGOThe crowdfunding site ToyBacker is set to introduce Knolly Nibbles, created by Michele Goren and brought to life by Team Knolly, comprised of toy designers, artists, composers, and more. According to ToyBacker, Goren created the character to teach children—and the child in every adult—that no matter who they are, where they come from, what they look like, or what they’ve been through, that they are beautiful just the way they are.

The Knolly Nibbles line will stem from an endearing book, which introduces Knolly, who was born without a tail and has two heart-shaped ears. The character goes on a long and seemingly never-ending quest for the Perfect Tail, one that will best fit her unique personality.

ToyBacker is launching its Knolly Nibbles campaign at midnight on August 8, and is asking backers and corporate supporters to help it meet the goal of raising enough funds to promote the property. The planned Knolly Nibbles line will include plush sold in different sizes, each with a book, and a pillow play set.

For the first time ever, ToyBacker is also offering licensing-level support pledges, meaning that for any company that pledges, ToyBacker will commit its brand to them for that specific pledge level.

Interested parties can support Knolly Nibbles post-campaign launch at ToyBacker.