Source: WBCP/Toybox/The Toy Book

The 3D printing space has long-been booming with an enthusiast market of creators trading unlicensed files to print their own toys at home. Now, Warner Bros. Consumer Products (WBCP) and Toybox have entered into a partnership that will provide Toybox users with the ability to print new toys using characters from Warner Bros. franchises and properties.

At launch, toys available to print include Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman action figures with 9-points-of-articulation; Batarangs; the Batcave computer; Batmobile; Bat Signal; Batman and Justice League disc launchers; and the Daily Planet building.

“Toybox is the only platform to offer at home toy printing tied to a secure 3D printer,” says Ben Baltes, CEO, Toybox Labs. “Bringing our Toybox users the world-class properties from the Warner Bros. catalogue is a dream for them and for us.”

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Consumers will purchase files to print the toys using Toybox Bolts, an online currency used within the Toybox platform.

Future toys will be available in the months ahead inspired by DC Comics, Cartoon Network, Hanna-Barbera, Looney Tunes, Friends, and Seinfeld. Additionally, Toybox plans to offer toys inspired by classic holiday movies, including Elf and Polar Express.