LightseekersTOMY International, the master toy licensee for Lightseekers, announced that Toys “R” Us will be the first brick-and-mortar retailer to bring Lightseekers smart figures, trading cards, accessories, and more to its stores nationwide beginning July 1. Pre-sale for the assortment will begin online at starting on April 17.

Lightseekers, the action-adventure role-playing game from PlayFusion, fuses fantasy and reality powered by a proprietary technology platform. Lightseekers integrates video games, smart action figures with artificial intelligence, augmented reality, interactive trading cards, and more. TOMY will manufacture, distribute, and market the entire toy line.

Lightseekers is a story-rich action-adventure RPG (role-playing game) built for mobile and tablet. The FusionCore, the high-tech, powerful mini-computer embedded within each action figure and the “brains” behind the smart connected toys, eliminates the need for NFC portals, allowing the game to connect to TOMY’s 7-inch collector-quality, articulated smart action figures. The characters’ unique attributes, accomplishments, social circle, and lineage are stored on the FusionCore in perpetuity. The game automatically remembers the last character played, enabling on-the-go play without figures in the state that it was when it was last connected. Lightseekers melds together augmented reality trading cards, smart action figures, interchangeable accessories, and more.

The more than 385 cards at launch further enhances the Lightseekers universe. The digital game, the physical trading cards, and figures can be enjoyed independently of one another, but when played together, creates an even more-enhanced game play. Each card, when scanned by the Lightseekers game, delivers augmented reality experiences, rewards game players, and unlocks powerful in-game abilities. In addition to cards, the Lightseekers game can reward players for interacting with almost anything—songs on the radio, shows on TV, movies, posters on the wall, and much more.

Lightseekers also offers interchangeable accessories. Equipping a weapon or accessory onto an action figure will have an immediate effect in the game and vice versa, opening up new abilities and adventures. In addition, flight packs can be added to any hero, allowing players to control their in-game character by moving the toy.