Source: Toysmith/The Toy Book

Source: Toysmith/The Toy Book

The past few months have brought lots of change for Toysmith.

Following the news that the company parted ways with some of its long-time sales reps early this spring, the company inked a deal with Anne McGilvray & Co. (AMCI) to sell its entire portfolio of products in the U.S. Under the new pact, AMCI will begin selling the Toysmith line beginning July 1.

“We’ve been looking to rep the Toysmith line for many, many years,” says Anne McGilvray. “I was determined to partner with them and we are ecstatic that this alliance has finally come to fruition.”

Liesl Ludwig, CEO and daughter of McGilvray says that the company will foster success by using Toysmith’s new practices of zero-minimum ordering and free shipping to all 50 states for its retail customers.

“I was blown away by Liesl Ludwig’s trailblazing vision and the AMCI leadership team’s indomitable spirit,” says Toysmith CEO Michael Keaton. “Right away, I could tell that something big was happening. It’s truly groundbreaking and I’m proud to share in the effort to bring it to our customers.”

Reps for AMCI will sell Toysmith products across all channels including toy, gift, aquarium/zoo, art, book, craft, hobby, educational, hospital, resort/destination, parks, zoos, and more.

Existing Toysmith customers will receive an introductory email in the coming days with the name and contact information of their new representative.