Just in time for back-to-school shopping, an icon from the past is reborn as something completely new.

Big G Creative is tapping into the nostalgia vein with the Trapper Keeper Game — a trip down memory lane for kids of the ’80s and ’90s who grew up in a time before smartphones, when the Trapper Keeper ruled the school. In the new card game, players attempt to one-up each other by collecting cards with the most points, and then stashing them within their Trapper Keeper folder — a reproduction of the real thing, complete with a fold-over Velcro closure. Cards include homework, report cards, notes from classmates, field trip slips, and more.

Big G Trapper Keeper Game

“The game’s authentic Trapper Keeper makes it a fun conversation piece, giving families the opportunity to share memories of their elementary and high school days,” says Shannon Swindle, product and communications manager, Big G Creative.

Available in three, vintage-inspired designs — rainbow unicorn, palm tree sunset, and psychedelic outer space — the Trapper Keeper Game is available exclusively at Target stores, and is designed for players ages 8 and up.

The Trapper Keeper Game is the latest in a string of pop culture inspired offerings from Big G Creative, including games based on Home Alone, Bob Ross, the General Mills Monster Cereals, Kenny G: Keepin’ It Saxy, and the just-released Car Pool Karaoke Game.