4a94f53e-6b82-42ff-baeb-a712c5675f1eLast spring, two of Tucker Toys’ products—the new E-Z Grip Playball and the Phlat Ball—received special needs approval from AblePlay, a division of Lekotek. Immediately after, Tucker Toys and Goliath Games, the U.S. distributor for the Phlat Ball, teamed up to donate a case of each product to all of Lekotek’s Toy Lending Libraries across the U.S.

This year, four new Tucker Toys’ products received special needs approval, and the relationship between Tucker Toys and AblePlay/Lekotek is growing. The company is also establishing partnerships with charitable organizations, such as NWO Apraxia Support, donating prizes for events that benefit members of the special needs communities. One of the toys that received special needs approval last year has already become well-known among professionals in the special needs communities, and therapy practitioners are using it as an occupational therapy tool.

Last year, there were changes within the company, from a new business model to entering a new market segment. Now, Tucker Toys is a consumer-facing company, while still partnering with distributors worldwide.