Ubisoft Unveils Holiday Season Releases

Interactive entertainment company Ubisoft is releasing several additions to its existing series of games, in addition to introducing new games this holiday season across media platforms.

Battle Tag

Ubisoft introduces a laser tag-inspired game: Battle Tag. Set for release in late November in North America, the game is designed with 20 different game plays, and includes a port that connects to a PC, allowing the computer to act as “game master.”

Players use guns that are complete with RFID technology to store information. The guns have a 300 meter radius from the port, which acts as a base for the game. Sets come with ammo packs and medic packs that recharge ammo and life points when connected to the guns. Additional guns, bases, ammo, and medic packs will be available for purchase in addition to the basic set.


Ubisoft will be releasing two Nintendo DS additions to the Petz line this fall, in addition to the introduction of a new virtual world.

Petz Nursery 2 allows players to raise their virtual animal baby into childhood by playing memory games. The new game will introduce new animals, including four different breeds of penguins, in addition to animals from the original game.

Petz Fantasy is available in two different game plays, Sunshine Magic and Moonlight Magic. The game features mysterious eggs that hatch into fantasy creatures, including unicorns. Children will play mini games to develop the magical powers of their creatures.

Petz World is an extension of Petz online. The new virtual world allows children to raise their Petz online in a fully customizable environment and connect to the Nintendo DS games. Applications are available on the iPhone, iPad, and Facebook, which allow parents to get involved.

Style Lab Fashion Design

Style Lab’s latest addition in its line of designing games is Fashion Design. Players can create designs for T-shirts, hoodies, hats, bags, and more. The designs appear in the game on the child’s customized avatar and then are available to order for prices ranging from $10 to $35. There will also be an option to showcase designs in the online Style Lab Gallery to allow others to order them.

Imagine Fashion Stylist

Ubisoft’s Imagine Fashion Stylist allows players to run their own customized store by creating their own displays and outfits for customers. Players can also design clothing for their avatar. In the Imagine Town virtual world, players unlock codes for items in the city and experience life as a fashion designer, fashion model, cook, or gardener. Players communicate and work with others within the world to complete challenges.

Shaun White Skateboarding

Shaun White Skateboarding is the latest installment in a line of games inspired by multi-sport athlete Shaun White. The skateboard game allows players to skate along buildings and infrastructure and transform into better skate lines. The game includes both a story mode and party mode, and more than 80 possible skate tricks picked by Shaun White. Players can use either the Wii Balance Board or the Wiimote for play.

Raving Rabbids “Travel in Time”

Ubisoft’s fall addition to the Rabbids games for Wii takes the trademark characters through time via a magical washing machine. The game explores important historical events, playing out both the actual event and an alternate ending influenced by the Rabbids. The game contains 30 different characters and 25 mini games. Up to four players can play at a time, and the game will be available November 9 on Wii.

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