Nearly three years after its acquisition of Interplay UK Ltd, Wisconsin-based PlayMonster is rebranding its UK outpost as PlayMonster.

The rebranding is effective immediately and will continue throughout the year as products are refreshed to reflect PlayMonster UK Ltd, which will remain a subsidiary of PlayMonster LLC. No change to staffing or responsibilities will take place and UK Managing Director Adrian Whyles will continue reporting to PlayMonster CEO Bob Wann at the company’s Beloit, Wisconsin headquarters.

“This announcement will serve to expand PlayMonster’s worldwide brand presence, and to further PlayMonster’s growth and evolution towards becoming one of the industry’s top toy companies,” Wann says. “Everything we do across PlayMonster worldwide champions the power of play in children everywhere by continuing to innovate and bring smiles to young faces across the globe.”

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PlayMonster and Interplay began their partnership in 2016 when PlayMonster acquired a North American license for Interplay’s My Fairy Garden brand.

Within the past year, PlayMonster has experienced growth with new brands, new hires, and the successful launch of Snap Ships and Drone Home.