Upbounders seeks to expand through an investor community. | Source: Upbounders/SMBX/The Toy Book

Upbounders by Little Likes Kids is seeking investors through SMBX, the financial marketplace that connects small businesses with investors in their community.

Upbounders is a Washington, D.C.-based, female-founded, and Black-owned small business that promotes diversity and cultivates belonging through screen-free toys that accurately represent cultural and ethnic differences. The line is currently sold in major retailers, such as Target and Nordstrom stores.

Source: Upbounders/SMBX

“I founded Upbounders by Little Likes Kids because I wanted toy options that reflected my son and his wonderfully diverse gaggle of friends,” says Kemi Tignor, founder of Upbounders. “Guided by a mother’s knowing sensibilities, Upbounders is able to create products that allow all kids to feel a sense of belonging and an opportunity to play with toys that reflect what’s special about the joyfully diverse world they experience every day. With Upbounders, I’ve created a space where the only thing children know is joy.”

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Source: Upbounders/SMBX

Upbounders is issuing Small Business Bonds, which can be purchased for as little as $10 at thesmbx.com. Investors will begin earning 9.5% interest through direct monthly payments over 5 years. The funding will be used for expanded advertising, working capital, and recapitalization.

Founded in 2018, Upbounders has been featured on Good Morning America and in The Wall Street Journal, Parents Magazine, and The New York Times.

“With a distribution reach that is ahead of our brand awareness, we are excited to make strategic investments in marketing and product development that grow sales at our existing retailers and attract new customers,” says Tignor.