Viking Toys is entering the world of sustainability with the debut of Ecoline.

The new collection combines Viking’s classic design of durable, non-toxic toys with an oil-free, plant-based material made from sugar cane. Geared toward kids ages 1 to 5, the line will launch with a selection of reinterpreted classic car and truck models from the Viking Toys catalog, expanding to other styles from the Viking collection down the road.

“We consider it an honor to provide safe, educational and entertaining products to children all over the world,” says Gösta Kjellme, founder and CEO of Viking Toys. “Since 1974, Viking Toys has been aiming to produce toys that are a sustainable alternative and an antidote to the prevailing throwaway culture. Toys made to withstand play from one child to the next, year after year. With Ecoline, we are taking sustainability a step further.”

The company points out that “the bio-based material from the sugar cane is 100% renewable, helping to reduce carbon footprint, as the sugar cane binds more carbon dioxide as it grows than is emitted by the processing of the harvested plants and the production of the plastic material.”