Wallables Offers 3-D Wall Decorations

A new line of 3-D children’s wall decorations has launched, Wallables. The line, from Hot Buttered Elves, features licensed Disney characters, talking flowers, and more, offering a new dimension in wall-mounted decorating, in line with the shift in movies to 3-D.

The characters literally pop off the wall, and can be attached easily (both off and on) to a surface by a Velcro patch. Dan Garr, president and CEO of Hot Buttered Elves, created the line as a green product using soy beans grown in the U.S. His polyurethane foam products, developed with Dow Chemicals, attach to most surfaces using the Velcro system and encourage sensory interaction.

Current Wallables offerings include a glow-in-the-dark alphabet, Toy Story 3 characters, Cars characters, jungle animals, and more. Wallables can be found online and in select retail outlets.

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Justin McCraw

Justin McCraw

Summer 2010 intern for The Toy Book/Specialty Toys & Gifts