Compound Kings’ Lil’ Shuckies are the latest play experience from We Cool Toys.

Launched first at Walmart this week, the summery, ocean-themed Lil’ Shuckies are a series of colorful seashells with a surprise pearl hidden inside. Lil’ Shuckies combine the on-trend elements of blind packs, surprise collectibles, the thrill of unboxing, and the compound category’s ever-popular slime. In all, there are 24 pearls for kids to collect.

Kids can have their own “pearl party” as they open the shell to discover a colorful variety of stretchy slime encasing their mystery pearl, which will range from common to ultra-rare and is perfect for making bracelets, collecting, or trading with friends.

Lil Shuckies 3-Pack

To support the launch, actress Sissy Sheridan (Chicken Girls, Netflix’s Maniac), best-known to kids as host of Nickelodeon’s DIY With Me, will serve as ambassador for Compound Kings and Lil’ Shuckies, with special live events planned for Instagram.

Single packs (MSRP $4.99) and three-packs (MSRP $9.99) are available now. Each pack includes a shucking tool, string, and beads to create a bracelet with the mystery pearl.