Bearington Collection’s Original Whiffer Sniffers expands with series three, featuring 10 new scented plush characters with personalities to match their scents.

The characters include Meatball Paul, a loyal friend who tells a good story; Georgia, a peach that knows all about southern hospitality; Willy B. Chilly, who loves summer and is always the center of attention at the neighborhood pool; Ivana Pucker Up, who hangs out with her friends and makes lemonade; Ivana B. Bitsy, the pair to Ivana Pucker Up; Katie Cotton, the popular one who loves getting her hair done; Slipper Sam, a salesman who sells slip ‘n slides; Chunky Chuck, a sweet guy with an even sweeter tooth; Huey Gooey, the biggest fan of the carnival scene; and Huey Dippins, who has a melt-proof chocolate coating.

In addition to series three, two holiday-themed Whiffer Sniffers will debut: Ken D. Corn during Halloween and Doughy Dave during the holiday season.

All Whiffer Sniffers plush are available in a collectible backpack clip, a larger size, and nostalgic scratch ‘n sniff stickers. Each series has exclusive characters only found inside specially marked mystery packs. The brand is also coming to Canada this fall for kids to collect, trade, and display.