Women Declared the Smarter Gender in Online Trivial Pursuit Game

Women were deemed the smarter sex in an online battle of the sexes, Trivia Pursuit style. Since last October, more than 15 million questions were asked and answered by men and women at www.trivialpursuitexperiment.com. The global game ended with the women answering a total of 4,088,139 questions correctly, compared to the men’s 4,077,596 correct answers.

Players participated in Hasbro’s online game by selecting the category they believed they would have the most success. The most popular category was Entertainment, followed by Science & Nature, Sports & Leisure, History, Arts & Literature, Geography, and, lastly, People & Places.

Women had the highest success rate in the Entertainment (56.8%) and Science & Nature (54.4%) categories, and the lowest success rate in the People & Places category (41.7%).

Men had the highest success rate in Science & Nature (57%), Entertainment (56.7%), and Sports & Leisure (54.8%), but performed the poorest in the Geography and People & Places categories (49.9%).

Trivial Pursuit will host a new competition, the Battle of the Generations, which pits the under-30 tech crowd against the 30+ life-savvy set. The new competition begins in mid-March at www.trivialpursuitexperiment.com.

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