WowWee‘s launched its newest brand — Lucky Fortune — in Walmart and Claire’s stores this month.

The new line of blind packed collectible charm bracelets features more than 100 trendy charms to collect, with designs spanning several different categories and levels of rarity. Each Lucky Fortune series 1 bracelet and charm comes packed in a toy fortune cookie along with a paper fortune. Kids can be on the hunt for the extra-rare gold-dipped charm as they collect and trade bracelets with friends.

“At WowWee, we’re constantly tracking trends and looking at what space we can expand into next,” says Sydney Wiseman, brand manager at WowWee. “Lucky Fortune capitalizes on the collectible craze we’re seeing throughout the toy industry, bringing trendy charm bracelets and a little bit of luck to kids. We’re incredibly excited to introduce this new line in the U.S. today, having already seen great excitement coming from the Canadian launch in April.”

WowWee Lucky Fortune

Lucky Fortune will hit shelves at other major retailers such as Amazon and Target in July.