WowWee introduces Untamed by Fingerlings, a line of interactive predators that kids can control from friend to foe. The first of the Untamed creatures, the Untamed Raptors, will debut online and in stores this week in Canada, the UK, and Australia. The line will launch in the U.S. in May.

Unlike the classic Fingerlings, with the tagline, “Friendship at your Fingertips,” the Untamed line puts “Ferocious at Your Fingertips.” The line so far includes four fierce raptors, each with its own unique name and personality: Stealth, Blaze, Fury, and Razor. Complete with snapping jaws and gripping claws, these interactive pets will react to touch, motion, and sounds with more than 40 different sounds and animations.

The adventure unleashes in Canada, Australia, and the UK for pre-order beginning this week and will be available at all international major retailers in-store in the coming weeks.