WowWee‘s Untamed line is evolving, and the first wave Untamed Mad Lab Minis arrive at mass retail this week.

The miniature hybrid creatures are said to be created from “Untamed DNA” and come packed in Geoslime, Biosand, or Terraclay. Series one includes 34 original characters, blind packed in vials from which kids can extract their creatures and begin creating unique hybrids. Kids can create more than 1,000 possible creatures with swappable pieces. A Raptor, T-Rex, Allosaurus, Spinosaurus, Sabre-tooth Tiger, Dire Wolf, Bear, Polar Bear, or Gorilla can easily combine “DNA” to become beasts such as a Wolfasaurus Rex, or Saber-tooth Bear.

Available at retailers such as Walmart, Best Buy, and Amazon, Untamed Mad Lab Minis will work with WowWee’s free augmented reality app, Untamed Battle ARena. Untamed launched last year as a spinoff and extension of the popular Fingerlings brand.

UNTAMED Mad Labs Mini

WowWee’s UNTAMED Mad Labs Mini Series One

WowWee is off to a big start this year, having inked recent deals with The Wiggles, Curiosity Ink Media, and CanspanBMG, in addition to launching its new Buttheads line.