YooHoo & Friends Expands into Tween Market

Aurora World, Inc. is expanding its YooHoo & Friends brand into the tween category. New YooHoo & Friends products will include plush, stationery, fashion accessories, decorations, and “snaps.”

Aurora’s “snaps” are approximately one inch in diameter, and can be mixed and matched and fastened to items such as lanyards, totes, accessories, and more.

The six new YooHoo & Friends plush animals include Shooga the Sugar Glider, Lemmee the Lemur, Hapee the Lesser Panda, YooHoo the Bush Baby, Chewoo the Red Squirrel, and Pammee the Fennec Fox. The plush are available in five or eight inches and make a sound when squeezed. Each sports a headband or flower and is embroidered with hearts, peace signs, or words such as “love” and “peace.”

The company is also releasing the YooHoo & Friends Fun Center collection, which includes stationery such as a spiral notebook and doodle pad, decorative accessories such as sticker rolls, and fashion accessories such as an accessory case, laser cut bracelet, and lanyard.

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