Modular Toys.Racetrack_piecesModular Construction Toys, the Israeli-based manufacturer of Modular Toys construction sets, is bringing its product line to U.S. specialty retailers with Modular Toys USA. More than 125 stores across the country are already stocking the company’s construction sets, and the expansion includes racetracks, as well as locomotive construction and building sets. These toys are suitable for kids age 4 to 8.

Modular Toys’ sets are designed to grow vertically through the use of included elevation pieces. No sorting needs to take place, since the innovative connector pieces let children mix and match different sets. This season’s new additions include the Mega Racetrack, which includes nine construction pieces, three cars, and a sturdy plastic storage bin for clean-up and organization; and the 3D Road Builder set, which includes 24 construction pieces and one buildable car.

The locomotive product line consists of the 3D Railroad set with 32 construction pieces, one locomotive, and two train cars; the 3D Railway, which consists of 62 pieces, one locomotive, and three train cars; and the 3D Modular Express, which comes with 101 pieces, one locomotive, and three train cars.

The Town Builder represents the newest Modular Toy Construction set. Available in June, the set includes 74 pieces to build train tracks and castle-like structures, one locomotive, two train cars, and three characters.